FOR Tyrchem

We at TYRCHEM FOR love nature and that is why we bring you products which combine environmental compatibility and high functionality.

is an effective means of boiling trophies. Substances contained in the product help to breakdown and separate tissue from the bone, and thus it shortens boiling time. It degreases and partially bleaches the trophy.

Salt lick paste
AtraSalt paste is nutritional supplement which supplies game with necessary minerals, especially in the winter. It can also be used to attract game to desired place, whether it is for watching, taking pictures or hunting. Aromatic compounds contained in the product help game to locate the salt paste, thus increasing game activity at the salt-lick and surrounding area.

LUREDOL and Vnadex
Highly concentrated and intensively smelling wild game attractant spray LUREDOL Ultra is an attractant used for purpose of hunting, counting, filming and taking photos of wild game. LUREDOL Ultra is highly concentrated luring mixture in a handy spray packaging. Game smell the irresistible scent for great distances, thus increasing game activity near your stand.

OTHER Products
Other first class product of Tyrchem FOR for outdoor and hunting live, like cleaning product for rubber boots, water-repellent for clothing & footwear. Also you can find a product for repelling animals here.